Appointing Unit Co Ordinators

It is the responsibility of the Region Liaison Leader for each Region to select and appoint as many Unit Co-ordinators as required to leader the Units from their Region before and at Cuboree.

Details about a Cuboree Unit

Roles and Responsibilities of a Unit Coordinator

  • To prepare their assigned 36 Cubs and 8 supporting adults for the event, including but not limited to:
    • Organising and managing a pre-Cuboree camp for all participants
    • Organising the adult leadership team of the Unit in a way that best supports the needs of the entire Unit
    • Attending the Unit Coordinators day 27 July 2019 to represent the Unit
    • Understanding and ensuring support of any special needs of members of the Unit, e.g. Medical/emotional needs, special diets, etc. and working with the Cuboree Team to provide these
    • Managing the behaviour and conduct of all adults and youth from the Unit
    • Acting as a communication conduit between the Cuboree Team and the participants of the event

Appointment of Unit Coordinators
Cuboree Requirements: "The Unit Co-ordinator is the Team Leader of the Cuboree Unit. They must hold a Certificate of Adult Leadership, preferably in the Cub Scout Section and must have attended a Cuboree before as a Line Leader."
Local decisions: When considering who to appoint as a Unit Coordinator, the Region Liaison Leader should consider:

  • Past experience - positive experience and feedback as a Unit Coordinator at a previous Cuboree
  • Knowledge of the Unit members - a high number of Cubs and adults from the same Home Unit as the potential coordinator
  • Development opportunity - an opportunity for a Leader to gain valuable experience, possible with an experienced or pas coordinator as a member of the team to mentor

In situations where no suitable Unit Coordinator exists that has previously been a Line Leader, the Region Liaison Leader can agree to appoint a less experienced Leader to the role with the express permission of the Governance Director.

Lines of communication
Prior to the Unit Coordinators day at the end of July, Unit Coordinators will receive information directly from their local Region Liaison Leader. As soft close of registrations in the end of June 2019, it is unlikely that Unit Coordinators will be appointed, nor know the full members of their Unit until after that date when we have guarantees of how many Units are being created.

Following the Unit Coordinators day, information will be supplied to Unit Coordinators via the Sub Camp Chief of the Sub Camp they are assigned to. Region Liaisons will still be available to support local issues, but the core accurate Cuboree information will be disseminated via the Sub Camp channel.

The RLL has made the wrong choice…
The RLL's decision is final and can only be overturned by the Chief Director of Cuboree. In making their decisions, the RLLs are expected to consult with as many people as possible including local District Leaders, Home Unit Leaders, the Region Commissioner Cub Scouts and whomever else they believe has insight in the appointment. Once agreed, we will all commit and get on with the job.

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