Project Charter

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Cuboree 2020 is a State event offering a unique and adventurous opportunity for members of the Cub Scout Section to experience a Scouting program that can only be provided with a major event opportunity. The event builds excitement for youth members to continue to choose Scouting as their preferred youth activity.


  • Plan and deliver an attractive, affordable and accessible major event for more than 2,750 Cub Scouts supported by adequate adult leaders and parent helpers
  • Promote the event and program so that 50% of registered NSW Cub Scouts, supported by their parents, choose to spend their Summer holiday week at the event.
  • Develop a best-in-class example of a youth activity in NSW to leverage opportunity for use in external and internal promotion
  • Provide logistical, administrative and infrastructure support to ensure the event risks are mitigated and participants are kept safe and comfortable during their stay
  • Involve Scouts, Venturer Scouts, Rovers (who are not attending Moot), Leaders from all Sections and parents in the event in a way that inspires them to also continue to choose Scouting as their preferred recreational activity.
  • Provide advice and support systems to Groups and families on how to easily access Cuboree including ways to access financial support for members with hardships.


  • To attract 50% of registered Cub Scouts to attend the full event (approx. 2,750)
  • To attract 1 uniformed adult per 5 Cub Scouts to attend the full event (approx. 550)
  • To attract 1 parent helper per 5 Cub Scouts to attend the full event (approx. 550)
  • To attract 1 Scout and/or Venturer Scout as a Junior Service Leader per 10 Cubs Scouts (approx. 275)
  • To return a surplus of 5% of total income to Scouts NSW
  • To be recognised as a best-in-class event by participants and external partners
  • To run the event in such a way as it can be used as a template for similar events in the future
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