Region Liaisons

Each Region has appointed a Region Liaison Leader (RLL) to support the leadership of the event in the local Scout Region.

RLLs are supported by the Governance Directorate.

There are 10 Regions in NSW:

  • Greater Western Sydney
  • Hume
  • Hunter and Coastal
  • North Coast
  • North West
  • Riverina
  • South Coast and Tablelands
  • South Metropolitan
  • Sydney North
  • The Golden West

For the latest contact details of a Region Liaison, refer to the Cuboree website

What the RLL Does
Region Liaison Leaders are responsible for:

  • Identifying, appointing and supporting Cuboree Ambassadors
  • Identifying opportunities to promote the event in the local Region
  • Working with the local Region Team and District teams to promote the event
  • Assigning all Leaders and Junior Service Leaders to a Cuboree job
  • Identifying and appointing Unit Co-ordinators
  • Support the Transport Manager with local knowledge of suitable pick up/drop off points
  • Support the Cuboree Team in managing any local issues

What the RLL Does NOT do

  • Run or manage an Activity Base - this is done by the Activity Base Manager
  • Chase missing application information or payments - this is done by the Region Registrars
  • Organise or approve local transport arrangements - this is done by the Transport Team

What the RLL does at the event
Once the Cuboree Unit Co-ordinators are appointed, the RLL role reduces. Communications move from Region based to Sub Camp based. There is no set tasks for RLLs once we arrive at the event, although they may be contacted about a specific issue during the event if required. The RLL may choose to hold another role at the event that fits with their pre- and post-event requirements.

After the event, the RLL is expected to submit a report of their feedback to the Governance Director.

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