Task List

The SharePoint task list is designed for all members of the Cuboree Organising Team to record tasks they are due to complete. This serves many purposes including:

  • A reminder that a task is due to be completed by a certain date
  • A method of breaking down tasks into sub-task components to record achievement
  • A record of what we did and when for use in the next event

There is no limit to the number and level of detail of tasks added to the list. The more tasks that each individual team member records in the system, the better. This is the perfect way to support your successor by leaving a detail of what you did, when and how.

The task list is accessed via the SharePoint portal.

To assist team members in maintaining the task list, we have appointed a team resource to manage the task list for us. This Team Member can be reached at ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|tsil.ksat#ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|tsil.ksat. They will help by recording new tasks fully on your behalf and also sending you a task reminder ahead of the task being due for completion. Just email the details and it will be done for you.

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